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James Mckinnon

Year - 2014
Edition - 50 copies. Softcover, hand bound
Numbered and signed by the artist.
Printed and bound in Berlin, Germany.
Format 26x26cm
Price -€ 12,00

Light (2014) is a series of 14 photos characterized by the game of reclamation and atrophy. As the plants grow, they are forced to thrive in the confides of the glasshouse. Wrapping themselves around the metal of irrigation systems, pressing up against glass and spraying moss along metal lined domes filled with the perfect mixture of water vapor to air content together. As the plants grow in their perspective ecosystems, they challenge the structure of the glasshouse giving way to atrophy. Rusted beams, chipped paint and congested air ducts; its a beautiful dance. The game is prolonged by minor repairs, but starts again when a new glasshouse is built.