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Dodge and Burn

James Mckinnon

Year - 2015
Edition 50 copies hand signed by the artist.
Details - 25.5 x 20 cm
8 RISO printed photographic plates in flat gold
6 Full color laid in color plates
250 gsm Metapaper Extra Rough Warm White
10.5 x 16.5 Inner and Outer booklets bound into the edition.
Printed and bound in Germany
Price - € 18,00

Dodge and Burn (2015) is a photo series documenting the results of long term urination on the stone facade found on Jebensstrasse in Berlin; between the Zoologischer Garten railway station and the Museum für Fotografie also known as the Helmut Newton Collection.

The residue and erosion in the corners of these stone buildings; after men have urinated on them, is similar to the photographic process of dodging and burning. Light and darkness change the depth and surface of the photograph, just like urine leaves a ghostly white residue which interrupts the swirls and veins of the granite and marble.

Each photograph resembles a painting of color on rough surfaces. Urine and stone come together to create a landscape of yellows, greens and blues. Do public urinators and architects realize the collaborative art they make together? Or does this phenome- non only exist in the photography itself?